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Sagem™ Freesat HD Receiver



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DESCRIPTION of Sagem Freesat HD Satellite Receiver

  • Freesat High Definition Satellite Receiver
  • Manufacturer: Sagem
  •  Box contains:
    • Freesat HD Receiver
    • Remote Control & Batteries
    • HDMI Lead
    • User's Manual
  • Inputs:
    • LNB IN (f-type)
    • Ethernet connection 
  • Outputs:
    • Scart * 2
    • HDMI
    • RS232
    • SPDIF
  • Colour:  Black
  • Definition: High Definition
  • EPG: Has Electronic Program Guide (7 Day)
  • Comes with over 140 Digital Channels 

USES of Sagem Freesat HD Satellite Receiver 

  • Used in conjuction with a satellite dish to receive Standard & High Definition Freesat Channels including:
    • BBC 1,2,3,4 BBC HD, BBC News
    • UTV, ITV 2,3,4, ITV HD
    • Channel 4 HD, E4, More 4, Film 4
    • News Channels, Childrens, Movie channels

ADVANTAGES of Sagem Freesat HD Satellite Receiver

  • A high quality and reliable receiver
  • Capable of receiving High Definition channels
  • The box is easy to tune i.e. all you need to do is enter a postcode
  • If there is a frequency change or a new channel becomes available, the reciever will automatically tune the channel in 
  • Software interface is very easy to use
  • The boxes are marginally more expensive than ordinary Free to air recievers
  • It is easy get spare remotes i.e. there is millions of Freesat receivers in use

DISADVANTAGES of Sagem Freesat HD Satellite Receiver

  • It is more expensive than generic HD Free-To-Air receivers 
  • Programming the box requires the Entering of a UK postcode (Just use a Northern Ireland post code for example BT11AA)
  • It is not PVR or PVR-ready - you can't add a hard drive


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